Post Camino Walk – June 4, 10 days later

We are back in Seattle, recovering from jet lag. Ben caught a cough on the morning of our flight back to Seattle from Amsterdam on May 31. Fortunate that it happened at the very tail end of our trip and Camino pilgrimage.

I had planned a ’30 days after’ posting to see how we are internalizing the pilgrimage experiences. So, this will be a short(er) post based on some reflections on the flight home. In addition, I realized that I had not correctly categorized the vast majority of Camino postings in Portugal/Spain, which I fixed this morning. So, apologies to those who were clicking on the ‘2018 Camino Portugues’ link and found the cupboard bare.

Time – We are all equal in the 24 hours that we all are blessed with each day. We are all unequal in how we use it. We either wisely use it, or mainly squander it (un)consciously.  It’s impossible to be absolutely disciplined about every second, every minute, every hour. We need to create our own mechanisms to Seize the Day. For those of us retired from the rigors of a working schedule, consider sprinkling an hour of xx, an hour of yy, an hour of zz throughout the day. For those still working, sprinkle half hours or 15 mins of xx, yy and zz. It will be amazing how these seeds will blossom over time. For me, reading, walking, praying, relating, playing are starter xx’s, yy’s and zz’s.

Healing – Completed reading a short book after returning to Seattle (which I had started before the Camino). It’s called, ‘Everybody needs to forgive somebody’ by Allen R Hunt. It has 12 stories of people in situations, a story or two may mirror moments in our lives. I decided that it was important for me to continue seeking forgiveness from those that I perceived I had hurt. So, I took that step. Forgiving oneself was also addressed in this book!

Living the Camino – Many Camino pilgrims come to realize that their Camino did not end at Santiago de Compostela, but their Camino journey carries on when we return to our daily living. To carry the Camino inside us, requires us to look objectively at the habit leeches that have crawled under our skins, into our minds, and created a way of living that we have become accustomed to.  We need to wield the surgeon’s scalpel and remove these habit leeches. These latter creatures are very personal, to an individual, to how a couple relate and engage in life.

  • I walked barefoot on the grass this morning. I cannot remember the last time, but it can’t be years or months, can it?
  • I talked to Mrs. Peaches in the garden this morning. I noticed 3 small fruits on the way. But I was troubled by signs of distress, which I verified later on the Net. Mrs. Peaches needs some TLC.
  • We dropped in the library to check out the latest offerings. We both gravitated to different genres. Mine could be a bit more solemn than I prefer right now, but I listened to my gut.   🙂


As I end this post, let share something that happened on our last walking day to Santiago. As you probably have noted, we had become quite attuned to nature and life around us. As we walked through an open stretch of trail from a wooded section, I noticed two butterflies. This sight was particularly unusual because the two butterflies were dancing with each other. They were flying with each other, in swirls and circles. If you haven’t seen this before, it’s a sight to behold. I pointed them out to Joon, and we marveled at this sight. We then rounded a corner and started going uphill. When I heard some other walkers coming around the corner, I could hear some sounds of delight. Lo and behold, it was two ladies dancing together, prancing forward and twirling their walking poles. What a perfect gift from above, to mark our Camino.


Dancing thru life

Will you dance with me through life?

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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