Los Arcos to Logrono

Apr 4. Day 9. 27.6 km. Departed 0724 hours, arrived 1524 hours.

One’s Camino experience for the day does not necessarily end when one gets in bed and goes to sleep. Sometimes, dreams are part of the Camino experience.

Last night, I had a dream. It only dawned on me in the early afternoon what this dream was about. The past two nights dreams were pleasant ones but I will share more about last night’s. In it, I was in a group. We were going through some form of instruction, 1-1, not classroom style. The teacher or guide led me to some signs, and when I progressed through them, I came to one where if I truly followed the teacher/guide, I could literally float and soar away. None of the others in the group were able to do that. Well, I swallowed whatever butterflies there were, closed my eyes and could feel myself starting to float and soar away. I didn’t want to open my eyes lest I stop flying. It was a very pleasurable experience. I cannot recall what ended this dream. So, I am walking today, not trying to decipher whether there was any deeper meaning to the dream until it hit me. The dream is about my ‘faith’, that by being absolutely committed, I would literally soar!

Today is one of our earliest set off times, bearing in mind, clocks were just brought forward the last Sunday in March. Thus, we were able to catch the sun rise as we were on the outskirts of Los Arcos. So, the 0724 hours start would have been 0624 hours just 6 days ago.

Experiencing a sunrise should be a periodic self gifting experience.

Sun is still below the horizon but the sky’s pastel hues show up beautifully

Sun beginning to rise above the horizon

Our shadows walking forward

A pilgrim camping a ways outside Los Arcos

The walk today was via open countryside. There’s a stretch between Torres del Rio and Viana known as the ‘Knee Wrecker’.

TIP: Don’t be like us. Buy your trekking pole before this stretch. It’s Euro 10 for one pole.

Torres del Rio

The countryside walk passes thorough several hills and valleys. We lost count. There were certain scenic spots that warrant a stop to admire and soak it in.

The clouds today just got our attention

A pilgrim enjoying a break with a view

The blue sky with puffy clouds

Despite the starkness, there’s a certain beauty

Olive trees have character

Serenity above

The Church of Santa Maria de Viana. Cesar Borgia is buried here. Machiavelli’s work, The Prince, is based on Cesar’s life.

Entrance into the church. Note, the two other prisoners (rebels?) are depicted besides Christ.

Inflation of the pilgrim menu, it’s now Euro 12 across the region. Choose your starter, entree and dessert. Bread comes with the meal. Choice of water or vino.

We decided to go tapas tonight. In Logrono, check out Calle de San Juan. There are many options.

Two of our four plates. We needed more vegetables in our diet!

Tapas offerings at Peregrinos San Juan

TIP: If you are going to stay at an albergue, choose a Municipal one. The two privately run albergues we stayed at, had prioritized profit motives over service and value. E.g. the private albergue in Los Arcos squeezed 12 bunk beds in a space smaller than the Municipal albergue in Valcarlos with 10 bunk beds.

I had written about contemplation yesterday. Today’s reflection will expand on that. Consider these two questions:

(1). Who am I?

(2). What does my heart truly desire?

Re the first question, one can review the past to understand the influences and forces. But it’s important not to stay mired in the past. Being able to define, describe, sketch the potential within, etc to be the one you know yourself is a process of self discovery.

Re the second question, consider the possible epitaphs – He/She achieved the lifestyle desired, His/Her accomplishments would fill volumes, He/She provided for all the loved ones, He/She left a legacy that will last generations, and so on. A particular combination will resonate with your heart. And that may be the key to a deeper journey within!

Today, our eyes were drawn upwards during our Camino. Tomorrow has some indications of showers. Another blessed and different experience to look forward to.

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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