Triacastela to Sarria

Apr 28. Day 32. 18 km (but felt like 24 km, due to non-protein breakfast!). Departed 0813 hours, arrived 1323 hours.

We opted for the shorter route as we left Triacastela. It was mainly country lanes passing villages and hamlets. There were less than 5 vehicles that passed us the entire morning (though today is a Sunday).

After so many uphill sections the past week, today’s still managed to challenge us. The muddy stretches were much shorter and less muddy. The landscape was more farm country as we passed several farms. Cows were a more common sight.

There was no rain at all, but we were treated to clouds hovering over the valleys and villages.

When one comes upon a particular scenic stretch, everyone will stop to admire (and take some pictures). We did too. The question arises when one starts walking from that brief stop – Does one resume one’s normal pace or does one slow down one’s pace? We can intellectualize about the Journey vs the Destination, but our habitual instincts/muscles will take over unless we are fully aware of the moment.

Today’s morning sun was a golden yellow.

Shadows of trees from the opposite hill cast down on their counterparts.

View of the cloud covering the valleys and villages/hamlets below.

As we entered these hamlets, the cloud was still persisting at 11am.

Picnic spot for an English tea?

This enterprising local had set up a rest stop for peregrinos.

Below sign caught our attention from the trail path, which led us to entrance of rest stop – Allow things to happen and you’ll start happening too.

A forested trail.

A tree that could feature in a children’s story book!

Sharing the trails with cows, which are being shepherded by a tractor!

A cow licking a dog! How did this affectionate behavior even begin?

And as we arrived in the outskirts of Sarria, we spotted this.

Love is blind.

Tomorrow is a rest day as we travel by train to Lugo to meet friends to begin the Camino Primitivo.

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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