Ferreira to Melide*

May 1. Day 35. 21km. Departed 0805 hours, arrived 1400 hours.

The foggy morning returned which really made the walk easier. There was greater visibility than yesterday’s fog.

The walk was mainly countryside, a mix of trails and country roads. More animal farms.

One aspect of the Camino Primitivo is that there are less ‘established’ outlets serving peregrinos and hamlets are further apart. The plus is one doesn’t get distracted by cafes/villages, there are longer stretches of ‘solitude walking’. The minus is that the pricing of meals and non-albergue lodgings is like bigger towns. Thus, our lodging in Melide is cheaper and better furnished than in Ferreira.

The shorter distance today allowed us to walk a leisurely pace, and absorb the countryside. There were uphill and downhill sections but less onerous.

As we were leaving Ferreira, we came across this cascading stream. Having a stream, a river run nearby does add so much to the character and ambience.

A river further along the trails.

Can you spot the wind turbines? Nope, there was no rain, but at one stage, we could feel and see mist droplets falling.

Four friends enjoying their walk.

The views across the valley later in the morning as the sun came out.

How today’s trails entered this hamlet. That high wooden structure is called horreos, and was used to store grain.

The branches of this tree seemed so symmetrical.

There is a cumulative effect of walking the Camino for more than 30 days. One sees the wonders and beauty of the world around us with new eyes. One hears the voice within us. The inner peace returns, our hearts begin to sing. One begins to get to know one’s true self. The Purer Version.

Post Script:

We chatted with Roberto, a Spaniard at breakfast this morning. He recommended pulpo in Melide. In addition, the beef in this northern part of Spain was more flavorful. I must admit we have seen more cattle (and their droppings) in this section of our Camino!

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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