Santiago de Compostela reflections

Oops….below never got completed and published. Here’s a catch up FOUR months later! Better late than never.

May 6. Approx. 11.05am. Queuing to catch the bus back to Santiago from the airport, after returning the rental car. I was the last to board the bus in one queue, when I noticed a couple at the head of the other queue. They had about 6 medium to large luggage bags. I offered the lady to help and they were appreciative. It then struck me that we often see situations around us where others might appreciate a helping hand but we are sometimes too engrossed with our own life journey, that we do not take the proactive step to extend a hand. That’s when I decided I will try my best to assist in some way, everyday, someone who I come across that might need help. This attitudinal shift changes how one views one’s fellow neighbors around us.

May 7. Approx. 10.05am. Sitting in the apartment balcony, just before walking to bus stop to catch bus to Santiago de Compostela airport.

Just sitting still, ignoring any traffic noise below. Looking up, I noticed the winds were blowing the dark clouds in one direction. And way above were white clouds that appeared to be stationary. My brain worked out the winds were at a much lower altitude. As there was a gap in the dark clouds, I could see the evolving shapes of the white clouds above then. And I saw a protuding white ‘nose’ slowly forming. Pinocchio’s nose sprung to mind, unbidded. It slowly grew longer before it dissipated.

There was a message that I gleaned from this. I had been contemplating the insights from the Camino as I was just sitting still. And the message seemed meant for me. That I should not lie to myself. That while the nearer moving dark clouds might seem to indicate that I am making progress, the further stationary clouds cautions me not to fool or delude myself.

May 9. 4.33pm. 4 hours and counting due to flight delays. Learning patience. Learning not to waste emotional energy over this. Learning how to refocus the mind.

Sept 9. Here’s something I re-read since returning from the Camino. We can sometimes fall into a ‘trap’ where our thoughts and focus is either in the ‘Past’ and/or the ‘Future’. We reminisce about the happy and joyful times in the past, be it the Camino, vacations or celebrations. Sometimes, some even continue to hanker for the times of their youth. And such memory indulgences can sometimes put ‘blinders’ on us as we obsess about re-capturing these moments in the future. Which leaves the Present a step child of our attention and energies.

One of the significant practices that I put into place was more Reflection & Contemplation time into my day. On the Camino, this came about naturally due to the several hours walk. When one comes back to everyday life, one has to intentionally carve out time. Perhaps start with 15 mins or 30 mins blocks. The benefits cannot be under-played, and eventually, one will see that such Reflection & Contemplation time creates an ‘intentionality’ to how one lives. By the way, Carpe Diem really means ‘Pluck the day’, which lends a more thoughtful and respectful tone to one’s approach, than ‘Seize the day’.

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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