The day before

Tue, Sept 27 – Irun. This should be and is a short post. As we start preparing our minds and hearts for the Camino,.

We had acquired our Compostela credential in the cathedral in Bilbao. We opted not to stamp there as our start is in Irun. After checking into our Irun accommodation, Joon rested while I decided to start booking rooms a bit further out. It was fortuitous as sometimes it was the last available room in the lodging that I preferred at that town.

When the Parroquial de Santa María del Juncal opened late afternoon, we walked there. Massive altar piece with a number of statues of Mary (and baby Jesus). We found the office to get our first stamp in our passport.

The second important thing today is to find where the Camino path starts. Scouting the day before helps especially when one’s lodging is away from the route. In Irun, most refer to the start at the railway station. So, we make our way there in the morning (1km).

Dinner menu is typically available from 7pm. So, we are having some drinks in a quaint cafe that had good reviews.

When in Rome, eat as the Romans do!

Pimientos pardon (peppers) & pulpo (octopus)
Baby squids!

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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