Day 16 Contentment is a Gift or Grace

Thursday Oct 13. Soto de Mayor to Santillana Del Mar. 6.5 hours. Estimated 20km walking as we took a train between Boo and Barreda.

We decided to have a simple breakfast of coffee and pastry s as we checked out. That was wise as that was the only coffee for the day as there were no other cafes along the remainder of the coastal route!

Fortunately we did not need to backtrack the way we entered Soto de Mayor but was able to join up further the coastal route. The joining was at the Playa de San Juan de La Canal. We reached the Playa at 8.37am as the sun was rising. Within 10 minutes after that, the sun was hidden by the thick overcast clouds!

Sun rise as we reached the playa.
Thick overcast clouds will eventually hide the sun

For the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon, we didn’t see Mr. Sun again. It made for a cool walk along the coast. The climb wasn’t terribly difficult, likely within 200-250 feet.

One thing that stood out during today’s walk was the rock formations in the sea that remained as the Ice Age retreated millions of years ago. The oldest formation was estimated to be 135 millions years old!

The numbered text tells the respective age of these formations in the ocean.
The oldest is to the far left.
If you tilt and keep the far horizon in a horizontal frame, you can see the line of rock formations. It took us a couple of years walking to get past most of the formations!
If you zoom in, you will spot a figure in black with their dog!
Unusual line of formations. The inner sheltered areas could be great swimming for kids!
We did see a number of fishermen up among the rocks! We are probably about 80-100 feet above the ocean.
At this stretch, we just saw multiple long waves cresting across amidst the length of the beach!

Once we turned in from the coast line, we walked through a forest on nice cushioned dirt paths! The trees have great shade. We exited the forest to Boo de Pielagos. From there we took a train to Barreda. The rest of the walk was along roads and through residential areas, small towns, countryside before reaching Santillana.

This home owner put a metal sign on their fence. Sometimes when we walk fast, we do not see the well wishes that are posted for us. In Life, that may also happen!

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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