Day 22 Un-hurriedness

Wednesday Oct 19. Colunga to Villaviciosa. 5 hours, 18km.

All (Camino) walkers face this daily, even hourly temptation. To walk fast between the scenic viewpoints. To only pause for pictures. Perhaps it’s Fall, or the much less patronized Camino del Norte, but on the Camino Frances, we did see pilgrims having picnic breaks on grass at various viewpoints. Not so on del Norte.

Un-hurriedness is a virtue that I seem to have lost, misplaced somewhere during my growing up years. The Camino helps restore this.

It may seem simple but the other day, we had to wait at the bus stop at a road. Unlike trains, we know that the bus arrival times are not so strictly adhered. We were about 30 minutes early – which means there was no way we will miss the bus. As the scheduled arrival time came and passed, I was unable to ‘wait’ without being anxious. It seems decades of being a car owner had robbed me of the un-hurried ability to wait at a bus stop. The bus did arrive about 12 mins past schedule.

Un-hurriedness on the Camino meant we took the time to pay attention when we were in nondescript surroundings. It means catching sight and appreciating what seemed to be some special effort by others.

This homeowner has put a pilgrim doll in their wall. They also had a special plaque inscribed. See below for text.
Plaque in Spanish

The plaque reads (courtesy of Google Translate) as follows.

Along the Way is a magical world that you do not see. It is the protective Guardian that will protect you and await to give you luck. Have a good Way.
We came across a home with many painted scenes on their walls, this is just one of them.
This homeowner had a sign inviting pilgrims to drop in. There were chairs and tables, vending machines and even a microwave, should someone need to warm up food. This was a cute sculpture in the area.
Invitation to fill up one’s water bottle.
Two pilgrims making use of the covered seating area. The vending machines are to the right.
Quite a number of homes had wall plaques. Covadonga is a nearby pilgrimage site.

Today’s walk was along countryside. It was slightly overcast. We enjoyed the unhurried amble. And made it to Villaviciosa before the drizzle came down.

Postscript – without premeditation, we did smell a rose this afternoon.

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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