Saturday May 19 Valenca to Porrino (Day 6)

This was a easier day from a distance perspective, though the temperature climbed to 84F as we reached Porrino in the late afternoon. The clock also jumped one hour ahead in Spain.

Our lodging was 5 mins from Valenca’s old fort, where the Yellow Arrowed Road led. The scenery from up there was spectacular.

These pictures from top to bottom, are from north to west.

Valenca (Portugal) and Tui (Spain) are sister towns across the bridge-border over the river Minho. We headed towards the Tui Cathedral.

This picture shows the height that we will climb towards the Cathedral (these are always up on a hill).

Note Tui Cathedral on hill.

I addressed commercialism before in my post on Fatima. Unfortunately, it reared its ugly head twice today. We secured our credential stamp from the desk inside the Cathedral. We then wanted to go to the pews and altar area to pray. We were asked for Euro 3 to be able to do that. Even St. Peter’s Basilica doesn’t charge one to enter the altar area. As a Catholic, it was embarrassing that the Cathedral did this.

While our posts has not been on route guidance, we will make an exception for this sector. This is because unscrupulous merchants had re-painted over the Yellow Arrows to re-route Camino pilgrims to pass by their businesses. There are billboards put up to warn, but some/most may not see it.

Here are the guidance. Look out for this stand with this notice.

This map highlights the 2 areas with exclamation marks that one has to take extra care.

This is the detailed explanation of where there had been tampering of the true Yellow Arrow signs.

When you exit the forest trail, you will see the mentioned artwork.

This large art reproduction is worth a stop, read and picture.

Approximately 130 metres from said art reproduction, you will see this turn off to the left.

Note the black paint on the road. The original Arrows pointing to the left were painted over to re-route pilgrims straight to pass the merchants’ businesses.

TAKE this turn off, when you come to the first 4-way junction, go straight (12 o’clock). You will then come to a T-junction. Go right and you will see a bridge over a stream. Go over the bridge and you are on your way. The reason for above details is that for some ways into the turn off, these merchants have continued painting X and blackened out the original Yellow Arrows.

Don’t worry, push ahead. The merchants had tampered with the true original signs for a bit, but after a certain point, you will see the original Arrows leading you into the trail.

A much better route than on tarmac!

In Life, unscrupulous bosses and companies will ask you to trade in your integrity for some monetary compensation. That will take you down a different road in Life. Learn from your Camino experience.

Since today is our 34th Anniversary, we will end this posting by sharing what we would attribute to a long and happy marriage.

  1. Evolve your love as each evolves. I change, my partner changes. Love evolves to embrace these changes, and not remain rooted in a past remembrance.
  2. Build a shared foundation or vision. This is our shared faith, this is our shared dreams for our family. Engage in shared activities.
  3. Laugh & cry with each other. This is never at the other partner’s expense, but always on the same side of the table.
  4. Exercise tolerance, forgiveness and patience. Prioritize the relationship over pride and ego. Live out the wedding vows.

It is not difficult, it is not impossible. One’s desire for a long and happy marriage must overcome, must overpower fleeting moments of tests and temptations.

Blessings from the Camino.

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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