Ein Karim

Day 11. Our last day with the group as our departure flight differs from group and we won’t join them for the tour’s final half day program.

Given our Parish in USA is St John the Baptist, it was expected that we would visit such in Jerusalem.

The altar in the Church.

A key event in John the Baptist’s evangelical mission, the baptism of Jesus. Below is a small enclave, that is dedicated to John the Baptist.

On the way to the Visitation Church, we came across Mary’s spring. The water is no longer drinkable.

The Visitation Church is Antonio Barluzzi’s last church. It commemorates the visit of the Virgin Mary with her cousin, Elizabeth who is 6 months pregnant with John the Baptist.

Facade of the Visitation Church

Close up of Mary going to visit Elizabeth

The lower level chapel had murals telling the story of Elizabeth and her son’s escape from King Herod’s soldiers.

Lower chapel mural.

The upper and main chapel was bigger and we were fortunate to be able to celebrate our Mass there.

Sculpture of Mary and Elizabeth. Latter was much further along in her pregnancy.

How often do we find those who are of greater stature making the first gesture and humbling themselves? Where hurt had been created between us and someone else, it’s the first move to reconcile determined by who was more in the wrong?

Our next stop had this sculpture in the courtyard. Can you guess where this was placed?

A famous French sculpturer, Rodin.

Here’s another picture clue.

Definitely man made. Of iron. By Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

Yup, we visited the Israeli museum where the Dead Sea scrolls are kept. The building is symbolic of the jar lid. It’s also painted white to represent the Essenes as Sons of Light. A black wall facing this represents Sons of Darkness, as the Essenes considered the Jews in Jerusalem as having comprised their lifestyles from the strict codes and laws.

Shrine of the Book, housing the Dead Sea Scrolls

We ended the day with an (unexpected) dinner hosted by Holy Land Tours. They had arranged a local dance performance by high school kids. Very energetic. Wow, what a fabulous end to our tour program. And generous gestures from our tour organizer

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