Ibeas de Juarros to Burgos / Santo Domingo de Silos

Apr 9. Day 14. 15km. Departed at 0830 hours, arrived 1200 hours in Burgos.

Today was a short walking day due to yesterday’s long walk.

The route into and out of Ibeas de Juarros is along a major freeway, where trucks rushed by. It was probably about 6 km before Burgos, that we got to the river trail (we missed the earlier turn off at Castanares; seems unscruplous merchants paint out the yellow arrows, and we didn’t consult the guide book as we should have).

This part of the river had swamp islands in the middle

There’s a fish ladder to the side

We visited the Cathedral Burgos. It’s worth paying the Euro 7 to get an audio handset and visit the interior. One can easily spend two hours.

Posing with a sculpture of St James in front of the Burgos Cathedral

The central altar in the Cathedral

A closer up of the central panels which show the Virgin Mary’s Assumption and Coronation

One of many chapels. This depicts the Virgin Mary’s coronation by Father, Son and Spirit.

After which, we had some coffee before picking up our rental car to drive to Santo Domingo de Silos for two nights. We wanted to catch the Gregorian chanting and just soak in the atmosphere in this region.

Evening view of the monastery at Santo Domingo de Silos. We were able to catch the 1900 hours Vespers. Beautiful chanting in Latin.

Much has been experienced since the start of our Camino. Time to absorb.

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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