Santo Domingo de Silos + Burgos

Apr 10; Day 15. Santo Domingo de Silos.We took the opportunity to attend the 7.30am Laudes, 9am Eucharist and 7.00pm Vespers. Listening and participating in a Latin Gregorian chanting is very special. Later that morning, we walked to the La Yecla canyon, about 2.5km away. We were able to see the many vultures that hang out in this canyon area. Later that afternoon, we took a drive to ArTlanza, a quizzical theme park of home facades and rooms built entirely from salvaged materials. Amazing! We dropped by Mecereyes to see some ‘hobbit’ homes built into the hillside! That evening, we toured the cloisters and museum in the Monastery.Santo Domingo de Silos Monastery.Inside the cloisters of the Monastery. It’s worth taking the tour to see the artwork and sculptures in the cloister. In addition, one goes into the inner rooms including the museum where priceless artefacts are displayed (no photography allowed inside). Finally, there’s a store where one can buy music CDs of the famous Gregorian chants.This twisted pillar columns has capitals (column tops) depicting key scenes from life of Jesus.One of the scenes depicting Jesus washing the disciple’s feet.Inside the La Yecla canyons, 2.5km outside Santo Domingo de Silos.More than 30 vultures were flying overhead at one time!ArTlanza, a theme-village constructed by one man, all the materials are recycled or salvaged. He also creates great ceramic art sculptures.While most of ArTlanza were facades, there were a significant number of interior rooms and museos decorated with artefacts (wine cellar, barber shop, chapel, etc). In this bar, that pillar provided the central support for all the ceiling beams!!Inside the chapel. You can see how the body of this altar piece was salvaged and the head was an added painted piece.Some of his ceramic art pieces for sale in the shop.Hobbit homes! Built into the hillside. Two rows, approximately 40 homes?

Apr 11. Day 16. Burgos.Leaving Santo Domingo de Silos, we detoured to Lemar, where the Queen of Spain was due to visit. There was a heavy police and special forces presence. We didn’t stay long and headed to Burgos. We had a great visit at the Mirador de Castilla. And an exceptional time at the Carthusian Monastery of the Lady of Mirafores. A walk around Burgos in the evening and that brought out rest days to a close.

Views of the Burgos Cathedral and surroundings from the Mirador de Castilla.

The magnificent Burgos Cathedral.

The Carthusian Monastery of Our Lady of Miraflores is the most beautiful monastery we have visited so far. It’s a Must-Visit if you are in Burgos. There are two altars by the side, with the Virgin Mary in the center, in the mystery of the Immaculate Conception.

Close up. The Latin inscription means ‘Joyful Gate of Heaven’.

The main altar in this Monastery is beyond wonderful. There’s so much detail to contemplate.

The circle is a group of angels. The Cross is held by the Father (left) and the Holy Spirit (right). At the top of the Cross, a Pelican feeds her young with blood from her heart, symbolizing Jesus own sacrifice for the salvation of our souls through the shedding of His own blood. At the foot of the Cross are the Blessed Mother (left) and St John, the beloved disciple (right).

In a side chapel is a ceiling chapel of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary.

What blessed imagery that we have been able to see with our open eyes.

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