Burgos to Rabe de Las Calzadas

Apr 12. Day 17. 13.3km Departed 0830 hours, arrived 1200 hours.

Today’s walk was shorter than expected as our hotel booking was not in the town that we had expected, i.e. Hornillos del Camino (latter is another 7.5km).

Getting out of Burgos wasn’t as bad as getting in. But the terrain wasn’t particularly scenic. The sunny day compensated for that.

The morning route took us past the Cathedral one last time!

We opted to walk through the park (rather than along the main road).

A fellow Pilgrim and his best friend, his dog.

Entrance into St James Chapel. Note the skulls on the roof ridges.

Inside St James chapel. We decided to pray a bit here as we had time.

Today’s walk allowed us to get our walking legs back. The rest days re-energized us as we enthusiastically look forward to the walks ahead. We met two Welsh ladies at tonight’s lodging who haven’t and did not plan to take any rest days!

The afternoon allowed both of us to reset to the Camino pilgrimage. I read a bit, Joon wrote in her journal and color sketched.

Here are some pictures of our dinner tonight. Menu del Dia (of the Day) at our highly rated lodging, Hostal-Bar La Fuente.

Lentil soup, with bits of sausages and bacon

Fish hake




Tomorrow will be a longer walk, about 28 km with several hills and one deep valley!

Post Script: No traffic noise at all in this small village. Camino route passes outside our lodging, Hostal-Bar Restaurant La Fuentes. Breakfast is included in the room rate! Happiness!

What an excellent and generous spread at breakfast! Coffee was served after picture was taken.

We were pleasantly surprised when we checked out and paid our bills. We were each given a bottle of water and a small ‘Miraculous’ medallion. The generosity of the owners/proprietors and their good heart is truly touching. We understood later how important that bottled water was as the distances were long in between civilization.

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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