Carrion de Los Condes to Terradillos of the Templars***

Apr 16. Day 21. 28km. Departed 0713 hours, arrived 1345 hours.

How does a 17km stretch of walking through open countryside with nary a commercial establishment sound? This is undiluted, unadulterated, core essence of the Camino.

Leaving Carrion de Los Condes early morning.

View of the river as we passed by in the early morning hours.

The monk quarters of San Zoilo monastery have been converted into a 4 star luxury hotel!

Interesting road side plaques near the Monastery San Zoilo.

Now, we come to the 17 km section of today’s Camino.

Loved how the early sunrise colored the trees a golden brown

A camped pilgrim at a rest area in this lonely stretch!

A row of trees.

Cyclists, with their florescent jackets!

This picture epitomizes the expanse we encountered today. It was easy to let others pass so that we can have this ‘solitary’ experience!

Tilled ground contrasting the blue skies.

In the last 6km stretch into Temperadillo de Templars, we opted for the longer countryside route then along the freeway. This is what greeted us!

We stopped for a 10 minute rest and bite, during a six and a half hours walk today! A tremendous experience that required some internal fortitude.

We treated ourselves to a proper lunch and dinner at the albergue we are staying tonight!

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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