Fromista to Carrion de Los Condes

Apr 15. Day 20. 19.8 km. Departed 0713 hours, arrived 1150 hours.

Weather forecast was for 50% chance of precipitation during thunderstorm at 11am. The Spirit smiled upon us as a brief downpour only happened at 1.45pm, after our check in (one of our earliest) and lunch!

We both are fully recovered from our respective colds and coughs. Our sleep is sound and deep after daily hours of walking.There was a decision to be made 3.5km after leaving Fromista, as one exits a smaller village of Poblacion de Campos. Taking the right detour takes one to a quieter walk, while the left over the bridge is alongside the roads and takes one through various towns. Since we had our guidebook, we confidently took the right detour. We saw about 6 pilgrims who were backtracking from this quiet detour route, perhaps they did not like how the initial stretch of the detour looked like and were unsure. How invaluable it is to be able to consult ‘x’ at crossroads.

A sculpture as one leaves Fromista.

Don’t miss the ‘cut out’ is showing one the way! It goes hand in hand with the first one!

Fromista in the sunrise

Why did this house hang no longer wanted music CDs? Chirp, chirp.

The family homes on the detour route immediately after Pablacion de Campos. Sized optimally.

Canals feeding water into a well to replenish groundwater? It seems there’s a meta-physical or spiritual equivalent of replenishing our interior reserves.

This tree is the lonely one outside the orchard. Was it planted there? Non-conforming? Not straight like its siblings? Hmm.

Santa Maria del Camino in Carrion de Los Condes.

The lighted up main altar.

One of the best lunch time meals under the Menu of the Day (Euro 11) at restaurant La Cerve. This entree is the cheeks of the pig! Lentil soup and cheesecake mousse too.

We were fortunate to witness a procession of the Jesus statue after evening mass on Holy Monday.

An evening stroll to the park.

Another memorable day to treasure.

Author: Ben & Joon

Residents in the great Pacific North West. Living life as it happens, learning our purpose and trail blazing our own paths. Namaste.

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